This website is based on my specific experiences. Whilst there is much that we have in common, I also recognise the considerable diversity amongst the autistic community.

My experiences may be very different to experiences such as:

• Being autistic and BIPOC.
• Being autistic and LGBTIQ.
• Being diagnosed as autistic as a child.
• Being the carer or parent of an autistic person.
• Being an autistic person whose communication is predominantly non-verbal.
• Being autistic and experiencing significant co-existing physical health issues and/or intellectual disabilities.
• Being autistic growing up without a supportive home life.
• Being autistic and having no current support network.
• (and many more).

As in other circumstances, there is a great deal of complexity underlying a single diagnosis, or combination of diagnoses.

This is why it’s important to state that when I share my experiences, I don’t represent all autistic people, (or all late diagnosed autistic/ADHD women, for that matter!). 

Where possible I will identify commonalities in experiences that are well represented in the autistic community, but these should always be checked with individuals, without making assumptions that this is the experience of all autistic people.